About Me

Hello my name is John Hutchings,
when I was 18 years old I had an accident and is became a paraplegic.
Since then I have been wheelchair-bound my spinal cord injury is C4 C5.
In the rehabilitation center I had to learn how to live my new life there are you had to face that I would never walk again and never been able to be a chef again.
When I came out of the rehabilitation center I found is a love for photography in 1992 I passed my exams as a photographer since then I have been taking photographs. since then I have been taking pictures first I started with analogue film now I shoots digital.
lately I have been doing a lot of portrait photography but I want to broaden my horizon taking my photography to the next level. I want to dab my hands in lingerie photography boudoir photography and fashion photography.
also I will be working with a model starting up a modelling page for upcoming models in the Netherlands. we hope we will get enough applications to build up our circle of models. so if you are interested as a model please send us an email we will add you to our modelling page the contact information is info@hutchings.nl we hope that we can build up a good portfolio together with these models